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Protektado: Tis will gonna be last (for this year!)

Ang nilalamang ito ay protektado ng password. Upang tingnan ito, mangyaring ilagay ang iyong password sa ibaba:


Cut it off

Oh dear, I’ve already made myself deaf of that boring repertoire of lies and alibis… some very special people have taught me to master the art of listening to (and even understanding) excuses.

Blame the people in my past for my trust issues. Blame me for my naivety then. Blame me for loving people too much… and for expecting, at least, some honesty from them. 

But, I won’t allow myself to fall into the same trap again. You’re in my life because I choose to keep you… whether you exist as a friend, a special one, or an extra-special one, I choose to welcome you into my life. 

And if you choose to pay me back with dishonesty… and stupid lines from old scripts,  then it’s over. Friendship over. Relationshit (yes, you read it perfectly) over.

Life is short to brood over toxic earthlings.

What are you doing on 12/13/14?

There is a dozen of sequential calendar dates in the 21st Century. The last one happens today, 12/13/14.

A lovely kababayan and an online friend ties the knot with her fiance just as this couple does!

A talented 11 year old boy, one of my favorite in town, whose life has been gone too soon, has been finally laid to rest at 2pm today.

And I am posting this blog so I could not miss this special day. What about you?

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Amazing April 27!

The Roman Catholic Church has always amazed me of its spectacle of traditions and vibrant observance of its rites…  [Minus the overly fanatic Catholics,] I am awed to witness how we as a people celebrate and exhibit our religiosity during regular church feasts or special occasions like a priest’s ordination or the dedication of the house of prayer.

On April 27, 2011, luckily, I had the chance to attend the Consecration of the Cathedral of Saints Peter and Paul in Sorsogon City. The grandeur of the occasion was overwhelming. The sight of the semi-antiquated interior design of the church plus the cathedral’s dome [a copycat of the St. Peter’s Basilica or the Washington D.C.’s White House] was enough for me to be mesmerized. [Click here to view the Cathedral’s old pic]

The Pontifical Choir together with the Sorsogon State College Marching Band has made a very remarkable job in making the rites very solemn. At some points, I thought I was at the Kodak Theatre attending the Oscars. It was my first time listening to the Litany of the Saints and was dumbfounded by the choir’s rendition… the soloist made me believe that he was a seraph.

Though I was a bit irked by the [understandable] protocol as to who should be accommodated first and where should people [the VIPs, the religious, the parish choirs, the laity, etc] be seated, I learned that my almost 3-hours of standing [together with Christopher and Kirby] on one of the most advantageous spot inside the cathedral was worthwhile!

Below are some snapshots through my camera phone taken during the event:

The Bishops and the Clergy flocked on the Commemorative Diamond Jubilee Gate for its blessing. [Click here to view the page on Facebook via the Diocese of  Sorsogon’s Page]

His Eminence, Ricardo J. Cardinal Vidal, Archbishop Emeritus of Cebu blessed the Commemorative Diamond Jubilee Gate.

The Processional. A number of clergy from the Diocese of Sorsogon and from other dioceses concelebrated in the dedication. His Eminence Ricardo J. Cardinal Vidal,  CBCP President, Most Reverend Nereo Odchimar, Bishop of Tandag, and Most Reverend  Leonardo Z. Legaspi, OP, Metropolitan Archbishop of Caceres, among others visiting bishops graced the solemn pontifical mass. 

Cardinal Vidal pours chrism on the middle of the altar and on each of its four corners.

Anointing of the Wall by a bishop.


The Festive Lighting… the candles, including those at the places where the anointing were made, and the other lamps are lit as a sign of rejoicing.