Mga Imbak na Marka: video

Just do something good somewhere…

Last week,  August 19, the World Humanitarian Day was celebrated to honor the gallantry of countless individuals whose lives were spent and selflessly offered in order for others to live a life beyond any shade of danger and harm.

It is, at the same time, an opportune occasion to pay tribute to the heroic deeds of thousands of people around the world who ceaselessly touch people’s lives in every way they can, regardless of their status.

Amazingly, it is overwhelming to realize that the world is still teeming with heroes. A good number of them have courageously overcome fear and extreme danger just to help alleviate suffering. Many of them have done simple acts of kindness, often unnoticed. Thus, the term  ‘unsung heroes’.

We, too, are ordinary heroes with extraordinary potentials… Improving the lives of others [and not just  our own] is our prime mission.

The screenshot below from this online site shows some practical and very easy guide on becoming a hero wherever a person may be.

By the way, I am sharing with you a Beyonce’s “I Was Here” performed at the UN Headquarters in New York on August 10. I find this video ineffably inspiring. The lyrics of the song and the background visual presentation are more than enough to inspire you!  Have a great day!
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Dah, the singer…

Former student turned close friend, Dahlia, or Dah is one of the most amazing jewel-to-be-discovered in our hometown. An island-based beauty-with-brain former SSC Chorale member, Dah loves Bicol culture and our oral traditions.

Watch/Listen to her rendition of the Bikol folksong – Sarung Bangui!