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When it is no longer a fair play…


It started  as a simple jealousy. Then a childish confrontation follows… Then comes the blackmail and the false accusations.

This plight is what actually a friend of mine suffers from and it seems to be getting worse. People, including those who aren’t supposed to be in the picture, have been dragged to dramatize the nonsense incident. To bring one good person down was, obviously, the assailants’ prime goal.

Unfortunately, for someone who hasn’t mastered the art of dealing with conflict, every encounter is inevitably a one-sided showcase of mask and baseless anger. Many times, my friend was on the defensive side and it’s frustrating.

I felt sad that all through these woven stories of lies and malicious accusations, my friend chose to be silent. I don’t know if it’s the best thing to do but our circle of friends respects his silence.

Personally, I find it absurd on his part to simply do nothing and play numb with every unjust thing that is happening around. My friend can always grab the advantageous spot of giving his detractors the worst boomerang of their ill intentions. He can always hurl realistic accusations against them and give them the best fight they so deserved. But then again, he opted to be still.

I know my friend gets vexed though he avoids confrontation. Like anyone else whose peaceful life is being hauled along sickening allegations, I know he wants a halt to all these unhealthy episodes and live a normal, happy life.

Battles aren’t fair most of the times. It offers no genuine victory, either. Yet, I wish my friend had a fair play.

A Blog to Close 2011!

For the record, 2011 is my least prolific blogging year ever.

For the past three years, though I did not blog too often here in the Chronicles of the Unsaid, I took time to update my two other blogs at and the other one at Multiply. Unfortunately, as my Friendster blog extincts this year, my blogging desire waned though there is always plenty of events and experiences to write about.

It’s the last day of the year so with the obviously nostalgic mood, for the initial attempt I am publishing my yearender via my Android tab. I just hope that the WP app I downloaded two months ago work.

My 2011 is a mix of great and not-so-wonderful experiences. Nevertheless it has been such a very blessed year that I have to be very thankful of.

Here are the quick highlights of my memorable 2011!

First Quarter Heartbreak – it actually started on Christmas Eve 2010 when someone so special had a motor accident while trying to fetch the girl I presumed to be his gf. The suspicion/jealousy lasted for three more months until it was finally confirmed on March 25, 2011 – which happened to be their first “monthsary”.

The leveling down of the four years and ten months friends-with-benefits status into just plain buddies  thought me of very important lessons in being in a kind of relationship that will always be complicated. I had to move on, let go of my feelings and get back to the reality before I consume my sanity (hahaha I love this line!). There is no happy ending to the kind of love story I was unfortunately into but I was always hopeful. I am, still and will be hopeful in taking risks however with, prudence next time.

The First Quarter Heartbreak was among the lowest point in my life. I literally cried a river as if someone in the family passed away. I sought for the very inspiring words and most patient ears from my closest of friends. It’s a heartwarming thing to realize that I was really not alone. The experience taught me never to expect so much. It taught me how to savor and treasure better relationships while they last.

Friendly Getaway

I do not travel a lot. Actually, I find it a bit punitive to stay seated for hours while trying to entertain myself of happy including naughty thoughts just to keep me up and unnauseated. But this year was different.

Apart from the privilege of having a sponsored pilgrimage to Kamay ni Hesus in Lucban, Quezon last May 2011, I and my two other friends were lucky enough to be part of a wonderful family bonding. I find it less exhausting to travel with people close to you. I owe many thanks to the Carpios.

Ridiculous it may seem, I also went to Prieto-Diaz for the very first time this year. I didn’t actually have the chance to explore the town which made my trip boring but my experience with the people of Ulag (I hope my name recall is ok) was an awesome one. I had an overnight stay there for a hosting gig and a friendly recall of memories with college friends.

First Times

I had plenty of simple memorable experiences this year that I consider my first time. I just cannot include all so I made a shortlist of the most significant ones:

* New linkages built
It was only this year, I fully realize how helpful social media is in improving people’s lives and building friendlier communities.
Initially, my attempt to create Wow Bagatao one year ago was only for a trivial purpose. I wanted to free my hard disks of large space consumed by the photos and videos taken at Bagatao and eventually show the world the granduer that is in the island. Aiming to gain greater number of audience, the FB page was an offspring of a Multiply sitecreated to serve as a medium for creating an online community for Behianos.
Luckily, with the posts and updates on the page (which is now maintained by four more admins), we have not only gained an increase in likers but more significantly served as an effective tool in promoting local tourism, documenting salient events and activities, and keeping Behianos and the islanders united amidst geographical boundaries.

Apart from the positive feedbacks we’re getting on the page reflected by the wallposts and comments made on the page, another concrete positive result of the page was the generous donations made for Saint Raphael Chapel and Behia Elementary School by an Israeli friend who traced her roots from the island.

Bagatao NHS, through it’s facebook page has also received cash donation from a Filipino-Japanese philanthropist in support of the programs and projects of the parent – teacher association.

* Significant involvements
Of the activities I have been actively involved with, what seems to be most personally meaningful was my participation in some cultural programs. It was a humbling and inspiring experience to work with talented team. I enjoyed preparing the tigsiks and rawitdawits for the performers and segment hosts during the Bangui nin Kulturang Bikolnon on July 12.

It was my dream to be a part of a program where the masters of ceremonies do their turn in a uniquely cultural way.  Last October 22 it finally came true during the Turaok 2011. With the help of the Bagatao ladies, we were able to write a script (in Bicol rawitdawit form) for the event’s emcees – our former students. The result was very good!

* Talking engagement leveled up.
2011 is among the most hectic year in my ‘career’ as a talking mammal [hahaha, lol]. I’ve hosted three beauty pageants, two gay pageants (held in two different municipalities), three talent searches, three wedding receptions, two graduations, two seminar workshop on campus journalism, one coronation rite in a barangay patronal fiesta,  been part of three cultural shows, and talked on four recollections. [Not on the list are the fun events for kids.]
The most memorable one was during the 34th Annual General Membership Assembly of SORECO I on December 3. Thanks to Bossing Joel. It was great to be part of an event attended by thousands of member consumers from eight municipalities plus the big bosses.
It was in this event that I received TF for the 1st time and a script. I usually prepare cue cards for myself [and for others]. It feels good to have some people preparing it in your behalf.

* Japanese cuisine and chop sticks
I cannot exclude on this list the sumptous dinner with the Ito family. The host, Madam Rocha Rima – Ito and her hubby, Mr. Hiroaki, together with their kids favored us with an invitation to be part of their remembrance of the first death anniversary of Mam Rocha’s mom.
Surely, I can barely recall what were on the menu that evening but I cannot forget how the family welcomed us specially their eldest son who even enthusiastically taught us to use chop sticks and shared us a glimpse of their culture through his stories.

* Our JC had his longest stay with us
My cute three-year old (only) nephew finally had his longest visit here in Bicol. JC, my sissy Marilou’s son was born and is growing up in Taguig with his Dada and grannies. He visited us for the Christmas 2010 so we started our new year perfectly. He stayed with us until summer. I loved and missed our bonding moment with my pamangkin.

Btw, due to WP’s incapacity to accommodate javascripts on its widgets, I opened an account at blogspot. I just hope that 2012 brings innovation to WP to allow blog interactive features like FB Like Box, Feedjit, etc. apart from its boring template.

Anyway, I am staying as a happy (hopefully more active) blogger here in WP this 2012 and the years to come.

I wish you guys a happier and lovelier new year!

A Mother’s Day Blog!

I have changed my FB profile pic today in time with the Mother’s Day celebration… Planning to have a date with Mama at One Burgos Resto but it seems that a tropical storm is about to come for an unfriendly visit!

Anyway, let me share with you a prayer I browsed on the internet today.


Mother’s Day Prayer

–Larry S. Chengges

God our Creator, we pray:
for new mothers, coming to terms with new responsibility ;
for expectant mothers, wondering and waiting;
for those who are tired, stressed or depressed;
for those who struggle to balance the tasks of work and family;
for those who are unable to feed their children due to poverty;
for those whose children have physical, mental or emotional disabilities;
for those who have children they do not want;
for those who raise children on their own;
for those who have lost a child;
for those who care for the children of others;
for those whose children have left home;
and for those whose desire to be a mother has not been fulfilled.
Bless all mothers, that their love may be deep and tender,
and that they may lead their children to know and do what is good,
living not for themselves alone, but for God and for others.

Loving God,
we thank you for the love of the mothers you have given us,
whose love is so precious that it can never be measured,
whose patience seems to have no end.
May we see your loving hand behind them and guiding them.
We pray for those mothers who fear they will run out of love
or time, or patience.
We ask you to bless them with your own special love.
We ask this in the name of Jesus, our brother.

Gracious God,
We thank you for adopting us into your family through the miracle of
your grace, and for calling us to be brothers and sisters to each other.
Today, loving God, we pray for our mothers:

  • who cared for us when we were helpless
  • who comforted us when we were hurt
  • whose love and care we often took for granted.Today we pray for:
  • those who are grieving the loss of their mother,
  • those who never knew their biological mother, and now yearn for her
  • those who have experienced the wonder of an adopted mother’s love
  • the families separated by war or conflict.
  • Lord, give them special blessings.

Keep us united with you and with each other, so that we can be and become all that we are meant to be. Amen.


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Let’s try another ride…

Mus… Bayk kita!

Ang ranggos pila na

Poon kang kita ngirit

Na napatambling sa karag na bisekleta

Sa magapo na tinampo, dae pa nahahaloy

Kita kadakol na beses nagpahingalo

Tanganing magpahuway; sa guiraray magbuwelo

Makalima asin nadagdagan pa

Ining manibela kung minsan ang kadena

Napapagal… Minasuko kung ika nakasampa

Sa tukawan ako nakaalalay

Asin an sarong kamot sa ibong na manibela

Ngirit na minadalagan asin naghahalat que tiyempong mabot-san ka.

Kuya, ako tatao na!”

Makusog mong suriyaw

Pugol ang manibela asin sa pedal minasikad na maogma…

Ang karag na bisekleta maski ngunyan taklaon na

Masarig na naghahalat sa saimong pag-abot

Asin sa guiraray na pag-agda “Kuya, mus.. bayk kita!”

photo courtesy: FLicker (blairmc99)

This simple Bicol poem is dedicated to my dear sister, Malou. “Mus… Bayk Kita!” conveys how I love her… how I wouldn’t want to give up on her… how willing I am to be her listening ears and comforting shoulders despite everything that has gone by.

Forgive me with my analogy, but I chose to resemble life [the life that we have had] with a bicycle. The two of us had fun when we were very young, struggling to remain steady on the wobbly bike… She, a bit hesitant to step on the sloppy pedals, was shaking while taking a clench on the handlebars. While I, with obvious prudence, support the saddle and the other handle of the bike…It is heartwarming to reminisce old memories like this one… [Sigh…]

Yet, life is not always an easy road. Sometimes, if not too often, we stumble… Hindrances, no matter how we avoid them, become startling blocks of our trip to remind us how splendid our journey can be amidst difficulties and challenges. After all, every journey ceases not with a disheartening stop-over, I believe.

My world crashed when one of the most disheartening instances in my life went off. My sister gets pregnant in the most untimely moment. She has to focus on her studies (as I always emphasized in our simple conversations and a couple of heart-to-heart talks) and prioritize it over her personal affairs. But then, she frustrated us…

Looking back on the most personal conversations we have had several times, I reflect on questions such as: “How far did I manage to be a good counselor to my sister?, Had I underemphasized how significant it is for her to be on the right track?, Weren’t my words encouraging enough?”

I am disheartened…. But I am not giving up… I will never give up on her …

I am thankful for the moments that she trusted me to coach her riding on the bike… and those times that she listened [though she didn’t pay heed] to whatever brotherly words I uttered then.

The bike which rusts in time might raze and clank the moment she opts to ask me for a leisurely bike but it is just around waiting for another ride. So is a brother’s caring heart that, amidst hurting, still looks forward to embracing her as it says, “It’s just okay. Let’s try another ride!