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To the One I Love,

I know you dislike anything wordy or the excess of it.. but please know that…

But what can I do?


And so…

and please, don’t forget this…


The #365DaysChallenge Blog ->> DAY 1 to Day 30

Originally from this post…

DAY 1:


And here is a starter wish! Click on the photo to view the original post.

by the way,my first post for this challenge is here. and it’s pretty amazing that there are wonderful tweeps and social media enthusiasts, just like the ones below, who would love to color the FB world and Twitterverse with amazing posts!

Mrigank’s photography has this first photography entry for his #365DaysChallenge! Please click on the photo to visit the page. Please don’t forget to hit the “Like” button, too!

check out this page as JMJdesigns dares to draw every day a Fashion Animal post. Cool!

Follow JMJdesigns as it updates its page with cool fashion animal drawings. Click on the photo to visit the page. And, yes, you cannot opt to miss the Like button!

Day 2:


  This one is a stunner! via Karen Cookson Photography

Day 3:

Jasper quoted Cardinal Tagle on her Instagram / Facebook post! Please click on the photo to view the original post on her Facebook timeline.

Day 4:

Click on the photo to view the post on Do A Good Turn Daily.

DAY 5:

Found this artistic motivational post on Yaz Raja Designs for its Day 5 Entry.. How about clicking the photo to go to the page and be awed!

Dont Let your dreams be dreams
DAY 5 Don’t let your Dreams be dreams #workforit #motivation #365days #blogchallenge #yazrajadesigns

DAY 6:

DAY 7:

DAY 8:

On Day 8, I’ve found out that there is a Facebook group  started by Cuma Pantshwa which challenge its members to “wear different outfits for 365 days.” To make it more exciting and interesting she challenged all of them to donate R1 a day for the 365 days to a good course.  Below is one post by a member. Click the photo to go to the FB group.365dayschallenge_day8

Motivational and creative. The page Yaz Raja Designs is what all about. Visit this Day 8 post on the blog by clicking the image.

Click this photo to view the blog via Bloglovin.

DAY 9:

DAY 10:

DAY 11:

DAY 12:

DAY 13:

DAY 14:

DAY 15:

DAY 16:

DAY 17:

Day 17/365: Toss-Up. #365photoproject#365dayschallenge #365photochallenge
A photo about technology.

DAY 18:

DAY 19:

DAY 20:

DAY 21:

DAY 22:

DAY 23:

DAY 24:

DAY 25:

DAY 26:

DAY 27:

DAY 28:

DAY 30:

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PEOPLE whose tweets/posts are embedded this post…

Gauging #SocialMedia #influence!

At exactly 3 years, 8 months and 12 days, I take a look at how far have I been existing in Twitterverse

Other assessments:

Twitter-Happy, Year Out and Year In [A 2013 Blog Starter]


I missed attending the New Year’s Eve mass at the parish so I just tuned in at the delayed airing of  holy mass on ABSCBN. But I had a great time on Twitter saying goodbye to 2012 and welcoming the New Year!!!



My other wish-twits are here and here.

I share the same thoughts with a twitter friends who says



Despite the slight drop of Twitter influence a day before January 1, and despite my disappointment of not gaining 28K followers [my target] on 2012, there is still much to be thankful about in keeping up with the social media this 2013.

My Tweet level

Klout, another site which assesses Twitter handles’ impacts in the microblogging site also  gives me a fair rating of 55. More than 50% higher than that of the first quarter of the previous year. Major contributors in the significant rise is the launching of Philippine Daily Monitor, Your Daily LGBT Feed, Bicolandia Today and the Bantay Panatag, all powered by Paper.Li. The tweets promoting top stories featured on these sites have garnered the most number of uses and mentions from among my followers.My Klout score

Vizify, Twitter’s partner in helping twitterlings relive their best moments in 2012, has been instrumental in determining my ‘golden tweet’ and my ‘golden follower’. “Heart, Please be Strong This Time” happened to be my most retweeted tweet. It was the title of the song originally written and composed by Ms. Charo Abraham, a new-found friend and a local artist. @Midsummerally is also a new found friend who shares the same interests with me, social media wise.

my year on twitter

I look forward for a more interactive 2013 in Twitter and in the social media in general.

May we be blessed more… Love love love…



I’m sharing this to you as we all welcome the new year!!! I posted this on my FB timeline yesterday and badly wanted to post this on my blog at the same time but the wifi connection just didn’t work out soooo well.

happy new year... JC

Great! Our 4 year old artist did some hieroglyphics, portraying  me as a 3-eyed browned haired monster, [minus the killer chin]…

Well the crude images aren’t so impressive. But there is something in him, his motivation… his budding passion, that makes me look forward for the coming days… years…

Give me a tweet on @alphredite or be my friend in Facebook.

Sampung Tugon Para sa mga Para-rârâ

Naugmahon akong mahilingan an mga katugunan na ini sa balkon nara Pay Ely kasubag-ong odto kan maisipan ming magbisita sa saiyang harong dangan magbakal ki mga kinarabaw na mangga.
10 Commandments

Salamat kay Mam Cho sa litrato.
Iheneras ko ini sa FB wall ko asin naugma man ako ta may mga nagdugang sa sampulo na mga katugunang ini.