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Twitter-Happy, Year Out and Year In [A 2013 Blog Starter]


I missed attending the New Year’s Eve mass at the parish so I just tuned in at the delayed airing of  holy mass on ABSCBN. But I had a great time on Twitter saying goodbye to 2012 and welcoming the New Year!!!



My other wish-twits are here and here.

I share the same thoughts with a twitter friends who says



Despite the slight drop of Twitter influence a day before January 1, and despite my disappointment of not gaining 28K followers [my target] on 2012, there is still much to be thankful about in keeping up with the social media this 2013.

My Tweet level

Klout, another site which assesses Twitter handles’ impacts in the microblogging site also  gives me a fair rating of 55. More than 50% higher than that of the first quarter of the previous year. Major contributors in the significant rise is the launching of Philippine Daily Monitor, Your Daily LGBT Feed, Bicolandia Today and the Bantay Panatag, all powered by Paper.Li. The tweets promoting top stories featured on these sites have garnered the most number of uses and mentions from among my followers.My Klout score

Vizify, Twitter’s partner in helping twitterlings relive their best moments in 2012, has been instrumental in determining my ‘golden tweet’ and my ‘golden follower’. “Heart, Please be Strong This Time” happened to be my most retweeted tweet. It was the title of the song originally written and composed by Ms. Charo Abraham, a new-found friend and a local artist. @Midsummerally is also a new found friend who shares the same interests with me, social media wise.

my year on twitter

I look forward for a more interactive 2013 in Twitter and in the social media in general.

May we be blessed more… Love love love…



I’m sharing this to you as we all welcome the new year!!! I posted this on my FB timeline yesterday and badly wanted to post this on my blog at the same time but the wifi connection just didn’t work out soooo well.

happy new year... JC

Great! Our 4 year old artist did some hieroglyphics, portraying  me as a 3-eyed browned haired monster, [minus the killer chin]…

Well the crude images aren’t so impressive. But there is something in him, his motivation… his budding passion, that makes me look forward for the coming days… years…

Give me a tweet on @alphredite or be my friend in Facebook.

Help Wapi Win!

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Wapi (Adrian) Loreno Ariate, a 13 years old student of Magallanes National High School in Magallanes, Sorsogon, Philippines is a Star Athlete in Table Tennis. He has become the pride of his school and the municipality of Magallanes for representing Bicol Region in the Palarong Pambansa.

Now Wapi Ariate is facing a different game, he was diagnosed last November 14,2012 with Acute Lymphocytic Leukemia and he is now undergoing chemotherapy in Legazpi City, Philippines.

HELP WAPI WIN! this time…  for his LIFE!

Let us help WAPI his battle,  please send your help to Eden Ariate, his mom, thru Land Bank Sorsogon Branch Savings Account Number 0786023777, or DBP Sorsogon Branch Account Number 5155066451.


If you’re on  Twitter, help us get #HELPWapiWin trending so that he gets enough help from everyone…

RT these tweets. PLEASE!!!

God bless us all!

When it is no longer a fair play…


It started  as a simple jealousy. Then a childish confrontation follows… Then comes the blackmail and the false accusations.

This plight is what actually a friend of mine suffers from and it seems to be getting worse. People, including those who aren’t supposed to be in the picture, have been dragged to dramatize the nonsense incident. To bring one good person down was, obviously, the assailants’ prime goal.

Unfortunately, for someone who hasn’t mastered the art of dealing with conflict, every encounter is inevitably a one-sided showcase of mask and baseless anger. Many times, my friend was on the defensive side and it’s frustrating.

I felt sad that all through these woven stories of lies and malicious accusations, my friend chose to be silent. I don’t know if it’s the best thing to do but our circle of friends respects his silence.

Personally, I find it absurd on his part to simply do nothing and play numb with every unjust thing that is happening around. My friend can always grab the advantageous spot of giving his detractors the worst boomerang of their ill intentions. He can always hurl realistic accusations against them and give them the best fight they so deserved. But then again, he opted to be still.

I know my friend gets vexed though he avoids confrontation. Like anyone else whose peaceful life is being hauled along sickening allegations, I know he wants a halt to all these unhealthy episodes and live a normal, happy life.

Battles aren’t fair most of the times. It offers no genuine victory, either. Yet, I wish my friend had a fair play.