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Muslims are not terrorists!

This inspiring Twitter post has gone viral when @alexmalloyy decided to share his disheartening yet positively inspiring experience with a Muslim cab driver.

Then, I remember a good friend giving an impromptu speech  at a national training in Baguio City regarding her sentiments about  the aftermath of Mamasapano carnage several months ago.

Below is a transcript of her short yet powerful speech.



Muslims are not terrorists, if they are, then they are not Muslims. I am a Muslim, alhamdulillah! But as u can see, just for this moment, I removed my hijab particularly my head cover to let u know that we are the same. Yes,we are not different. Why am I saying these, because I want you to realize how unfair, how biased most of the people are to muslim/moslems like me.

When we say Muslims,they are the ones who fearfully follow our Almighty God, Allah swt. And one of his commandments is not to kill. So, we Muslims do not kill simply because its a sin. Is it right, Christians? Nobody has the right to take one’s life- only Allah swt, our God.

So I appeal to you my fellow teachers, please help me clear the minds that have been clouded by the influence of media, by those who continue to promote war. We are definitely against war. We Muslims don’t kill, well perhaps we are just forced to defend ourselves, to fight for our rights which I am sure you would do too if u happen to be in the same situation.

BUT, and again, WE ARE NOT TERRORISTS! Terrorists have no religion. Peace be with u every one and thank you so much for listening.


PS. posted with permission.

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Eroplanong Papel Para sa Aking Mag-aaral

Pansamantala pagtyagaan mong gawing lunsaran ng iyong mga pangarap ang papel na iyan… Gamit ang iyong masining na imahinasyon, sabay-sabay tayong maglalakbay sa iba pang panig ng daigdig habang hinuhubog natin ang iyong kamalayang Asyano.

Balang araw, sasakay ka sa tunay na eroplano at mararating ang mga bansang gusto mo… Aalis ka sa lupang kinamulatan hindi para takasan ang mga pasanin sa ating bayan kundi dalhin sa iba pang dako ang husay at galing ng lahing Pilipino.

Mahaba pa ang araw… Pansamatala, sa loob ng ating klasrum, doon na muna tayo maglalakbay. 🙂

The World’s Best Love Story!

Whenever a close friend recounts her ordeals and struggles in tending on her old mom and her elder sis, [both of failing health conditions], I would usually utter, “Why not ask God to have their lives be taken back?”

That was such an insensitive half-meant joke a person can utter to someone who is obviously feeling miserable. I wished I could have been more sympathetic and should have avoided giving unhealthy remarks. It was not a perfect comic relief, after all!

Her usual response would be, “I do not like this conversation [anymore/again]!” Then she would confine to her tight-lipped nature or worse walk out from the conversation.

Seeing someone you love suffering is the worst picture one can go through. The pain is double excruciating.

I remember 13 years ago when my younger sister, Mary Anne, died of a chronic heart disease. She has just turned 11 years old when that sad day of November came. The loss was too painful but there was that feeling of relief realizing that we could no longer see her cringing from extreme physical pain.

For a family who cannot do more but pray and hope for her recovery, her death was a heavenly reward. For a family whose earning was just enough to make our bodies and souls together, and sustaining her medications were financially arduous and sending her to a medical institution for an operation is next to hopelessness, I knew in my heart [I was  a senior high school student then]that  I prayed that God would save her from her plight. It was heartbreaking but I know it was His own special way of giving my prayers an answer…

My friend would never give up on her mom and her sis despite the odds. All through these crucial years, she has managed to bring to light from deep within her heart the hope and love that kept her spirit and those of her loved ones up! It’s moving that she never gets tired caring and praying…

My friend’s story is inspiring! So is the story of Edwarda – the world’s longest living coma patient. I‘ve stumbled upon this article on CNN and it’s worth sharing.

Below are quotes I took from the article. I shared them on Twitter.


There is something good in suffering. It is when our resilience, hopefulness, optimism and resounding faith are best tested. I know out of suffering, the best love stories are known…



Persons are gifts;
At least Jesus thought so.
“Father, I want those you have given me to be where I am.”
I agree with Jesus…
And also want those whom the Father has given to me to be where I am.

Persons are gifts which the Father sends me wrapped!
Some are wrapped very beautifully:
They are very attractive when I see them.
Some come in very ordinary wrapping paper.
Once in while there is a “Special Delivery!”
Some persons are gifts which come very loosely wrapped,
Others very tightly.
But the wrapping is not the gift!
It is so easy to make this mistake…
It is amusing when babies do it.
Sometimes the gift is very easy to open up.
Sometimes I need others to help.
Is it because they are afraid?
Does it hurt?
Maybe they have been opened up before and thrown away!
Could I be that the gift is not for me?

I am a person. Therefore, I am a gift, too!
A gift to myself, first of all.
The Father gave myself to me.
Have I really looked inside the wrappings?
Afraid to?
Perhaps I’ve never accepted the gift that I am…
Could it be that there is something else inside the wrappings
than what I think there is?
Maybe I’ve never seen the wonderful gift that I am?
Could the Father’s gifts be anything but beautiful?
I love the gifts which those who love me give:
Why not this gift from the Father?

And I am a gift to other persons.
Am I willing to be given by the Father to others?
A man for others?
Do others have to be content with wrappings…
never permitted to enjoy the gift?

Ever meeting of persons is an exchange of gifts.
But a gift without a giver is not a gift;
It is a thing devoid of relationships to giver or givee.

Friendship is a relationship between persons
who see themselves as they truly are:
gifts of the Father to each other for others
through me…
When I keep my friend, possess him,
I destroy his ‘gift-ness.’
I lose it;
If I lose it for others,
I save it.

Persons are gifts,
gifts received  and gifts given…
like the Son.
Friendship is the response of persons-gifts
to the Father-Giver
Friendship is Eucharist!

(Fr. George Ninetemann, OP)


I am having a talk with 34 YEers this afternoon. It’s my first time to discuss the topic, “Personhood in the Community”. [I used to talk on the “Two Blind Men”] Hope I’ll do it just well… Hmmm. It’s difficult to inspire people specially when you fell like you’re down and troubled….

Thanks to the reflective text I found which I love sharing above…

Thanks to the wonderful people who have been GIFTS for/to me, too!