When it is no longer a fair play…


It started  as a simple jealousy. Then a childish confrontation follows… Then comes the blackmail and the false accusations.

This plight is what actually a friend of mine suffers from and it seems to be getting worse. People, including those who aren’t supposed to be in the picture, have been dragged to dramatize the nonsense incident. To bring one good person down was, obviously, the assailants’ prime goal.

Unfortunately, for someone who hasn’t mastered the art of dealing with conflict, every encounter is inevitably a one-sided showcase of mask and baseless anger. Many times, my friend was on the defensive side and it’s frustrating.

I felt sad that all through these woven stories of lies and malicious accusations, my friend chose to be silent. I don’t know if it’s the best thing to do but our circle of friends respects his silence.

Personally, I find it absurd on his part to simply do nothing and play numb with every unjust thing that is happening around. My friend can always grab the advantageous spot of giving his detractors the worst boomerang of their ill intentions. He can always hurl realistic accusations against them and give them the best fight they so deserved. But then again, he opted to be still.

I know my friend gets vexed though he avoids confrontation. Like anyone else whose peaceful life is being hauled along sickening allegations, I know he wants a halt to all these unhealthy episodes and live a normal, happy life.

Battles aren’t fair most of the times. It offers no genuine victory, either. Yet, I wish my friend had a fair play.


3 na mga thought (isipan) sa “When it is no longer a fair play…”

  1. most of the time silence is the best shield a person could have against his enemies. just like the ways Jesus showed his persecutors, in the end he gained his ultimate victory a man could ever dream to have. silence doesn’t even mean we are afraid nor guilty of those malicious allegations but its the best action a responsible man of character and education could show. it’s called gaining the best from disadvantages…at the end of the day, he who has clear conscience has the chance to get a good sleep, tho. Your friend needs just to continue what he started…May he be steadfast and wait till he finally tire those critics.


  2. So sad to know that there are times, the friends you consider true are the one who’ll turn you down…To your friend: be tough and everything will just turn out right..


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