Muslims are not terrorists!

This inspiring Twitter post has gone viral when @alexmalloyy decided to share his disheartening yet positively inspiring experience with a Muslim cab driver.

Then, I remember a good friend giving an impromptu speech  at a national training in Baguio City regarding her sentiments about  the aftermath of Mamasapano carnage several months ago.

Below is a transcript of her short yet powerful speech.



Muslims are not terrorists, if they are, then they are not Muslims. I am a Muslim, alhamdulillah! But as u can see, just for this moment, I removed my hijab particularly my head cover to let u know that we are the same. Yes,we are not different. Why am I saying these, because I want you to realize how unfair, how biased most of the people are to muslim/moslems like me.

When we say Muslims,they are the ones who fearfully follow our Almighty God, Allah swt. And one of his commandments is not to kill. So, we Muslims do not kill simply because its a sin. Is it right, Christians? Nobody has the right to take one’s life- only Allah swt, our God.

So I appeal to you my fellow teachers, please help me clear the minds that have been clouded by the influence of media, by those who continue to promote war. We are definitely against war. We Muslims don’t kill, well perhaps we are just forced to defend ourselves, to fight for our rights which I am sure you would do too if u happen to be in the same situation.

BUT, and again, WE ARE NOT TERRORISTS! Terrorists have no religion. Peace be with u every one and thank you so much for listening.


PS. posted with permission.


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