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Protektado: Now, we’re both stuck on the same situationships.

Ang nilalamang ito ay protektado ng password. Upang tingnan ito, mangyaring ilagay ang iyong password sa ibaba:


A friendly conversation started my Monday…


Ryan was my crush. I first met him a few weeks ago in a regional leadership training conducted in Casiguran. He was a typical guy in his early twenties and he seemed very friendly.

I saw him again in the evening as we had the beauty pageant for the Ambassador & Ambassadress of Leadership. It was then I learned that he serves the military. Stationed at the main entrance, he was one of the men on duty that time.

The moment I saw him again, I felt the guts to know him better. Getting his digits was the first thing on my mind but it wasn’t that simple. I had to think of some alibis (I even thought of doing an errand for a girl friend as an excuse). Thanks to my two close friends who accompany me while I was really determined to have his contact number (these ladies do not really think I was damn serious.)

Right then and there we exchanged sms and became friends. I learned that he’s happily married and is a proud father of an 11-month old baby boy. It was good to know that he enjoys his life both as a family man and a man in uniform.

To be straightforward, I thought of flirting with him and dreamed of having him as my bf. But that was before he told me about his marital stats. Ryan earned my respect not just as someone in authority but more importantly as an individual who is candid of his thoughts.

“Sayang, he is married,” I told myself. But it was just a selfish statement. I am happy that he gets the chance of enjoying his family life in spite of the demands of his duties. It’s good to know he is more than okay with what life has been giving him.

When he called me up early this morning with his opening line “tumawag ako kasi hindi ka naman tumatawag”, I wanted to expect more from the friendship. I wanted to believe that he was expecting me to call him up because ‘something’ is possible. Nevertheless, we had a great conversation and it was a friendly one.

Indeed, it was a friendly half-hour talk. Maybe he’s just too friendly to bother time for a new friend like me or he was just bored in his hammock so he decided to hit the dial on his phone upon seeing my digits. Whatever his intentions were, I cannot expect more.

Ryan and I had a great time on the phone. He and I are becoming good friends and today’s conversation assures me that we’ll have more friendly talks…