I’m bidding good-bye to my Ms. Friendship title!

Friday is hell day!

Imagine within eight hours, I’ve encountered two diabolic creatures…

There are wolves in lambs’ clothing!!! Photo Source: Internet

The first one, a wolf in sheep’s clothing and a consistent shooting star, had his encore of “i’m-Zeus-who-you?” personality. This  paranoid mammal thinks and feels that everyone is a competitor!

Hellllooooeeeerrr, the sky only allows one Hercules, one Virgin, one Cassiopeia, one blahblahblah in the constellations. Having us both there is a crowd! [and did I say that having him there is an insult to the gods? @#%^&*!!!]

The second one is a young troll who trust no one but himself. This budding demon, who is of course not trustworthy, has an overflowing confidence yet lacks “debt of gratitude”!

I’ve had my five-word introductory remarks of course… and the delivery was emotion-packed and perfectly timely.

Well, I would not allow this personal insult made under my nose be simply overlooked. So I made kakak and and kilas-kilas until I realized, ok, ok, I can’t be worse than them. So, I  smiled and said to each one: “Umpisa pa lang yan! [devil laugh]” and “Magtutuos tayo next week!”

I’m bidding good-bye to my Ms. Friendship title!


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