The not-so-lovely affair!

Love stories are always inspiring. They remind us that beyond our human imperfections we are capable of seeing and feeling the need of others – the need to be accepted, the need to be loved.

Though I have a penchant for love stories that end up tragically especially those in TV [Korean soaps – particularly], I love looking at people basking in the idea that they are in love.

There could be no lovelier sight than seeing two ordinary persons finding extraordinary things about themselves and sharing extraordinary and wonderful moments together.

Again, love stories are inspiring and love affairs, no matter how plain [and sometimes boring] the characters are in the plot, always give an exciting glimpse of what love is and its many possibilities…

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But an affair that sprout from lustful betrayal, receive a watering of alibis and scorching rays of obvious lies never yield a fruitful end. It leaves an annoying impression that only fools can try to appreciate.

The affair that is becoming a glaring proof of previous infidelity and was actually fortified by the scandalous ‘larger-than-lies’ tales of denials and extra-marital flirtations [if this term sound as euphemism] has long prompted a family drama, leaving a scar and [still] wounds that only time could mend.

I am not a fan of this affair and would not care either whether it prospers or not. Yet, one thing is clear to me now… I am more convinced that the neglect and drama of the bygone years are actually part of the master plan so that today’s not-so-lovely affair becomes a reality. Indeed, this is one not-your-ordinary-fairy-tale story that comes true.

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Well, this affair may gain superficial appreciation but it can hardly receive genuine acceptance from those who see and accept the TRUTH. The ‘love birds’ [if that’s what they see themselves] can fool themselves and a few hypocritical well-wishers but not the world that watches, and feels… and understands.

There is karma along the way.

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