On the first week, I’ve become a witch!

The task was to come up with a toy car that is (1) powered by a balloon and (2) could run for at least three meters.


There were five groups in a class; each was eager to design, construct (using an empty bottle of softdrink, bottlecaps, used ballpen, etc.) and test their output…. Well, I personally loved the final part where the kiddos had to test their outputs. I could not miss the classroom moments when they would shout, clapped their hands and even jumped out of excitement and feeling of satisfaction after an attempt well done.

Then there was also a group which was at the brink of giving up after some spare balloons have bursted plus a seemingly unruly toy car that constantly turned away from the 3 meter mark or stuck even at the start of the run. It was obvious, the members were starting to be furious.

One member with fierce eyes, said: “SIR MAN, PIGPAPARA-ORASYONAN AN MO AN URO-AWTO MI! (Sir, you’re casting spell on our toy car!)”

On the first week of the school year I realized that I am more than a learning facilitator… In my classroom, I could be a witch, too!

#iLoveMyKiddos! They never fail to make me hahahappy!!!

By the way, I’ve started my day perfectly excited…. just like the very first time I entered the classroom as a volunteer teacher on June 2004.

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