The Family Picture

While spending a visit at Monasterio de Sta. Clara today, a couple with two little kiddos (a girl and a boy) came a few minutes after I arrived. The little boy was innocently talkative, though I didn’t understand any word. His parents were of course worried that the kiddo will be disruptive to the prayerful ambience of the chapel though there were only five of us inside. So I hear an interval of ‘shhhh’ and a tolerable scream from the little boy.

After a while, I saw the father lifting each of the kiddo so they can touch St. Clare’s feet. I saw him pointing the image as he seemed to explain to the children who the saint was as if he’s introducing a visiting family friend or a distant relative.

A few minutes later, after each one in the family kisses baby Jesus, the father instructs the children to pose for the camera. The little boy seemed uninterested as he ‘talks’ with the sheep. His words were ‘arff, arff, arff!!” That was funny.

I’ve noticed that I stopped praying and was happy looking at this family. I knew it would be lovely to have a souvenir family photo of their visit so I volunteered taking a picture of them using their digicam. The couple was thankful and greeted me “Happy New Year” before they left.

What made me happy seeing this family? It’s the father’s (couple’s) gesture of introducing their faith to the kiddos.

I only had a few memorable moments with Papa attending services in the Church. He’s an official K-B-L (kasal-binyag-libing) Catholic. He used to come with us to attend masses during Christmas & Holy Week when we were kids though. Thus, we never had pictures together taken at the church.

But whenever I see Papa making the sign of the cross as he drives the jeepney. He never fails to inspire me… I know he prays for his passenger… for us, his family…

Joseph, Mary and Jesus at the stable. A perfect family picture.

Note: This is originally posted at instagram account and was at the same time published on my facebook.

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