Farewell 2013: A year ender blog post.

A year of letting go

2013 is a year of acceptance and letting go…

I am saying the line above with a breath of sigh that finally I am happy to have my senses back…

The first five years was a roller coaster ride of keeping the special friendship surviving despite its many flaws, insecurities and emotional drama, which are mostly intrinsic by nature. The following two years is a squander of opportunity, mostly spent to bargaining and i-want-you-back syndrome which just made me more pathetic than become an emotionally seasoned one.

It has been a painful journey of hoping and waiting and even dreaming. I’m glad I’ve been through with this. With less ache and bitterness I am facing the next chapter with peace of mind…

Thanks to everyone who have been with me in this gay journey…

2014 will be a great year to “move on!” and be thankful for every blessing that comes.

(Originally posted on my fb)

A year of mishaps

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