A confession of a dormant Catholic.

It was such unfortunate that in the Year of the Faith [Oct. 11, 2012-Nov. 24, 2013], my Catholic faith has come to a waning conviction. I sought for the most understandable reasons an ordinary layperson can digest. Thanks God, I got help from people who have inspired me by their wisdom and example… I’ve been personally disturbed of how the Church people have taken a stand against the RH Bill [law]… and how the pulpits have become an arena of staunch politicized persuasions and influential propaganda… It was tiring.

I opted to become a dormant Catholic. But chose not to leave the Church…
I am always proud of the Catholic traditions. Its grandeur and ceremonies, which have become meaningful part of the Filipino culture, are something to look forward to…

In a confession, a priest, in his most brotherly undertone, told me that “being a Catholic” can be summed up to a five word mantra: “Be good to others!”

I have to subscribe.

Well, I cannot promise to be good 24/7… but I can hold on to one thing, I SHOULD REMAIN PROUD TO BE A CATHOLIC AND WILL STAY AS ONE even if the Church chose to remain in its most conservative position.



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