No two idiots are alike

It has been my philosophy NEVER TO PLEASE ANYONE. Doing such impractical attempt is the worst hallucination anyone could squander to.

Just recently, someone in his most  most official capacity as Prefect of  Finesse and Perfection admonished me to be this and that.  It hit my ear drum so bad that it almost bleed (at least for a femtosecond).

Okay, I wished I could fit into his shoes in the meantime so I would understand where all his guts enshroud with ‘concern’ and blah blah blah are all coming from. The initial part of his privilege speech played up with pauses and sighs and dramatic flaunting of facial expressions from moronic to demonic grin is quite heartwarming. OMG, in all its meaning, this guy is very much concerned of how I have to look and behave in public. Not until I heard him speaking of a line almost similar to this  ->  “I am concerned of other’s impression that I AM giving you green light to be in your most out-of-this world behavioral manifestation!”

But of course, I appreciate his honesty. I really do! Only a few people tell us straight on our face how dumb ass we are. I just didn’t like the part of how he was trying to be concerned (of us)  when in fact he was, at the end of the line, narcissistic of  public’s perception towards him. Period.

The world knows I am no perfect!

My very special personality accentuated with ADHD and histrionic tendencies is genuinely me. If someone doesn’t like that, I care less.

I cannot change me to please anyone… If I am becoming an eyesore and my behavior is causing someone’s thorax to contract. I simply don’t care. The problem is not me… It is he and his desire for delirious perfection that is causing him pain in the ass!!!

NO TWO IDIOTS ARE ALIKE. We’ve learned this in Science, haven’t we???

I was born and made uniquely crazy with so much potentials to be regally larger-than-life. This is an exaggeration.




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