Pruning my social media contacts

A few months ago, I have been personally attacked by a Facebook contact [I choose not to use ‘Friend’] after some very straightforward yet imprudent remarks were made in one of the posts I initiated on a Facebook community page we created. I wished I could have explained everything and informed that person of my real motive of creating such an album. I wished I had told him that I understood where his anger were coming from but (1) he was certainly barking up at the wrong tree and (2) it wasn’t alright  for him to express his feelings his own way.

Just this afternoon, upon checking one of my uploaded pics in the same social media site, he strikes again. The insensitive remark was embedded in a half-meant joke comment which I could not fully appreciate.

Well, there are many of his type over the different social media sites. I remember last summer, I blocked someone from accessing my FB account after hurling some unhealthy comments on the LGBT pageant contestants in my album.

I am not being overly sensitive online. But, you would agree with me as I say that just like everyone else, I deserve a happy social media experience.

Being in the social media platform isn’t just about creating a repertoire of one’s most memorable to the least important moments as confined in your uploaded albums, videos, etc. It isn’t about trying to maintain a connection with people whom you love solely. Neither, it is about posting or ‘shouting out’ your most intense emotion and be the first one to like the same post…

I have come to learn that the most influential personalities in the social media (regardless of how they score in Klout or TweetLevel) are those who maintain their candid nature yet remain sensitive to what others are feeling. There are very few admirable people in Facebook and on Twitter. Thus, I have to prune my friend list and my following beginning today. I cannot have a crowd of what-you-see-is-what-you-cannot-get type of social media nonliving things on my list.


5 na mga thought (isipan) sa “Pruning my social media contacts”

  1. MAN’s HEART
    you cant determine a good man until you hear him speaks. From the fullness of his heart, his mouth speaks. What ever his priorities will come out from the words in his mouth.

    You will know what kind of a person he is, whether, humble or proud, generous or stingy, compassionate or self-centered the moment he opens his mouth.



    Now that almost everyone has an access to the internet and social networking is a fad and many are inclined to express their views and opinions, I think it is a must that we think before we post anything in the internet.

    To avoid hurting the feelings of others, we must study first what we will post. Is it necessary? Has it relevance to the topic being discussed? Do we speak with authority on the subject? Are our sources of information reliable?

    Let us not use the internet to malign other people by spreading false rumors or accusations. Let us not post our messages for the sake of posting alone. Let us be responsible for whatever opinion or views we put on the internet.

    ” In everything we do, put God first and He will crown all your effort with success.” Do everything for GOD and with GOD as your partner. This way you will never go wrong.


    LET US BE CAREFUL ON WHAT WE SAY, WRITE OR COMMENT. Everyone is entitled to his own opinion. Let us RESPECT each others opinion so we can maximize the use of the internet for the good of all.



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