The rainbow connection…

On Tuesday morning (that was 12/12/12) while we were on our trip to the island, a rainbow seemed to welcome us a few hundred meters where we embarked… it was such a pleasant sight…

The rainbow made me think of two things…

(1) Gay pride… and what this org is trying to push – the passing of the anti-descrimination law! The lgbt claims that though the Philippine society is tolerant of lgbt affairs/relations and that there is an air of social acceptance to people like us, nothing (about lgbt rights) is reflected in our laws.

(2) I am reminded of God’s promise to Noah. The world will end as told in the Scriptures but no one can really tell! The Hysteria Channel might have been triumphant in sowing fear by airing Nostradamus and the Mayan calendar predictions but the rainbow that graced my morning told me “everything will gonna be ok

The next time i’ll see a rainbow… i might be thinking of the pot of gold at its end or the slide-slide bekimon thing…

One thing is for sure – it will be on my instagram.


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