Four Years and Counting!!!

This is my 126th post on this blog and today, I have just turned four (4) years in WordPress. Well, as expected, I have not become a prolific blogger for the past years but I surely had a great time doing this stuff!

After struggling to come up with  a pure Bicol blog, which never materialized exclusively, then having maintained a collection of personal SMS sent in by special people in my phone book  plus the very obvious blog identity crisis [ugmahay vs Chronicles of the Unsaid], I’m glad I have managed to make it this far… I mean this long.

Mostly personal, such as the one I posted when I was brokenhearted [hahaha – this is silly, but I love going back to that feeling…] and the immature premature chance of being in love again [this is another hahahaha LOL, I mean] including blogs with shades of regret, gratitudegrief,  fear and worry, my ranting and tantrums, and my fun experiences [this one, and this one, and this one, too, plus this one] with wonderful people; and memorable classroom encounters with school teens [such as thisthis, and this]… my blog is all but an online journal.

Though,  sometimes straightforward in blogging about social issues [such as these posts] one can find a good read on my blogs as I tell the world how grateful I am to be Pinoy [check out this post, this one,  and  this ONE which garnered the highest number of views as of today]!

After finding a great time with Friendsters Blogs and (and Blogger, too), my blogging stay with WordPress has surely made me a very happy one!

Well, as for now, the best blogging days > years are yet to come!


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