Enjoying the Regatta Festival 2012 experience…

It was not a very ambitious plan. But the idea of coming up with a nine-day affair in connection with our annual Barangay Patronal Fiesta and Regatta Festival sa Bagatao was more than enough to dehydrate us…

Sept3 9:05AM Tweets

If the three-day celebration which we commonly did in the past has almost distressed us as it coincided with several important school events such as periodic test, academic and sports competitions, etc. the nine-day affair would surely squeezed us out of whatever potencies we have, I practically thought.

A poor time manager that I am, the main challenge was to be able to maintain my sanity all through the course of the activities as I remain physically tough. I couldn’t afford to be much stressed nor sickly again. Not this time.

Good thing we were blessed with a team of dedicated and dynamic young volunteers who helped us with our every activities from the opening night until the awarding ceremony. The Council headed by PB Realito F. Bose had been very instrumental, too.

Sept 8 8:48AM

Sept 8 12:55 PM

Sept 9 11:36 AM

Sept 16 6:52 AM


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