Here comes another unhealthy competition…

I am sorry… But i really cannot yield to your dubious maneuvering.. Yes, I admit my kids were not at their best at the competition but the board of judges has spoken… my student contestants  won the first place.

Do not give me lecture on subscribing to the rules because I am very sure we did adhere. Take note, the rule says, “The use of accompaniment… is ENCOURAGED..” What compelling push does it have on the contestants?

Are you not the ones who violated the strict rules in the contests, especially the strict provisions on time allotment and the number of participants-performers? The records show my team obeyed.

Now, what guts do you have to question the decision of the board of judges? You should have not invited them in the first place if you can confidently say, “Next time kumuha ng mga judges na marurunong!” This is insulting! We should be revising the guidelines next time and implemented instead a raffle draw in determining the winners!

Please I am offended of how you bluntly doubted my students. I do not expect you to believe in them as I do, but please give them a chance. Disqualifying them (thus, disrespecting the results on the judges’ score cards) just because you thought you were better is a real slap on our face. If you are unhappy of the results and felt cheated, ink your complaints against the jurors and tell them they are dumbass!!!

I have to tell you more about my straightforward ranting about the event but in the meantime let me just pause from hitting my lappy’s keys!


One thought on “Here comes another unhealthy competition…”

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