A note to Death…

To himself everyone is immortal; he may know that he is going to die, but he can never know that he is dead. ~Samuel Butler

I’ve always wanted to meet you… You know that…
I’ve always wanted to finally be free from this earthly bondage and simply fade away as clouds do…

So, if you please… let me go with you and take me on a journey I’ve always desired to be in…

Take me to the place where the morning dew goes after the sun has warmth the gentle earth… Take me to the bottom of the oceans and let me be embraced by the deep that cuddles the wonderful creatures there.  At least for a very brief moment, let me just watch the splendor of the world beneath the skies… Take me to the pinnacle of a dead mountain so I can feel whether it has to live again and let me rest in the shade of that great old tree, then lay me on the quiet moss and its gloominess… There, I might find peace.

Bring me not to the heavens… for I don’t belong there. You know I wasn’t good enough. I have tried to be one…. several times, but I failed. I always do no matter how hard I tried.

Take me anywhere… where there is peace… where I can have the most rewarding rest.

I’ve seen you wanting to escort me, thrice an event, to the place where I wished I could be…  I knew you were there when that almost fatal incident took me many years ago… I knew you almost cuddled me in your arms during those unpromising mornings when in my solitary the signs begin to calmly remind me… Yes, you were there and ready to take me when that fateful day suddenly came without even a warning. I was glad you knew I wasn’t ready yet. Nevertheless, meeting you would be a complete delight, a rewarding opportunity for me to finally say, “at last, I am done!”

I have suffered much and still willing to endure more for those who are so dear to me… Yes, I am willing to bear more pain but not for myself anymore just like I always do…   But if you please… Grant me rest!

Take me… But please, only when they are ready….



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