Celebrating the Filipino Spirit!

The world has seen how vulnerable we, Filipinos, are from nature’s depredation specially  in what appeared to be Ondoy’s sequel [in terms of scope, but hopefully not with the amount of damage incurred to both life and properties.] Images on tv and on the social media networking sites reveal an array of dramatic scenes, disquieting and mostly, uncomforting. I do not need to go into details of discussing how frustrating the plight of those people in the images are. The views are familiar… recurrent as they seem.

Nevertheless, let this blog post delve on giving celebration to what Filipino spirit is amid hardest trials  and most demanding challenges. Noteworthy, the world has seen at the same time how much [?] have we learned from the lessons  of Ondoy, thanks to social networking sites and thousands of caring Filipinos.

Moving  and pride-boosting, I am sharing  with you some of the pics I found on the Internet just to give you a touching glimpse of what Filipino spirit is!!!

A Japanese friend once told me how their gaman virtue heightened their perseverance to emerge almost undisturbed  by the dangers and the aftermath of earthquake/tsunami and the threats of nuclear radiation on March 2011.

Filipinos, I believe, have more unique way of overcoming dangers including the  unfolding  threats of the every day struggle with nature… with poverty…. the list goes on. In spite of  all these, the Filipino spirit reigns!


Should you wish to help the flood victims, PCIJ has a complete list of organizations actively helping out our kababayans. Please click HERE.


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