Gloria killed it, PNoy resuscitates RHBill?!… (my stand on the issue)

As revealed in Raissa Robles’s blogpost dated 7, 2011, former president now Pampangga Congresswoman Gloria Macapagal – Arroyo killed the controversial RH Bill in favor of the CBCP’s solid support for her administration.

A common sight, it is undeniably realistic how the increase in Philippine population is closely linked with the country’s extreme poverty. Click the photo to view a videodocumentary on this controversial issue.

Now, PNoy has finally got the guts to back up the bill   as slightly disclosed in his third SONA on the 23rd of July. For sure he is aware how people from the influential CBCP would react but the pretty thing is that he’s into it… ProRH bill like myself must be happy for this not-so-straightforward pronouncement from PNoy.

For more than a decade since it was first introduced in the Congress in 1998 by House Minority Leader Edcel Lagman, et al, along with the other versions which were finally consolidated into one bill on January 31, 2011 now known as An Act Providing for a Comprehensive Policy on Responsible Parenthood, Reproductive Health and Population Development and for Other Purposes, the bill has only encouraged heated debate from the country’s different sectors but was barely considered as part of  the top priorities of many legislators.

The democratic process has stalled at the hands of time-wasting legislators and bullying bishops,” says I should agree.

I support RH Bill because nothing in its provisions speaks about ‘anti-life measures’ as feared by most pro-life advocates. The inclusion of mandatory sex educationto Filipino learners is but just necessary as most families find it a taboo to discuss issues on human sexuality with their children. After all, these are all anchored on the premise of  offering the Filipino youth  an intellectual avenue in promoting (a) Values formation; helping provide appropriate (b) Knowledge and skills in self protection against discrimination, sexual violence and abuse, and teen pregnancy… plus salient discussions on (j) Proscription and hazards of abortion. Nothing in particular in the provisions talks on anti-life concerns.

“People have the right to know and be completely aware of their reproductive biology, the odds of infertility, the responsibility and possible complications of pregnancy/child-rearing, their capability to prevent STDs and HIV/AIDS, or the understanding what unwanted pregnancy and abortion could lead to?” says jadedsecret on her blog.

Supporting the RH Bill does not make me lesser of a Christian nor a Catholic. Thus, I find it a bit uproarious for some preachers to synonymously categorized the bill with evilness as if the pro-RH bill are committing mortal sin. Even the Constitutionalist, Fr. Joaquin G. Bernas, S.J. expressed his dismay on preachers telling parishioners that support for the RH Bill ipso facto is a serious sin or merits excommunication!  I agree when he added, “I find this to be irresponsible.”

The consolidated bill reiterates the prohibition of abortion as an assault against the right to life. Thus, nothing on it would certainly legalize killing an unborn.

CBCP is taking it on the streets again as it has always delved on the moral grounds of the issue. On its informal survey, CBCP eyes a voting result in favor for their cause.

The House of Representatives are set to vote on either terminating or continuing the period of debates on the RH Bill on Aug. 7. I hope it wont come out the way CBCP expected [and prayed for]… I am deeply concerned of the welfare of the nation and especially of poor women who cannot afford the cost of medical service as given concerns in the bill’s Declaration of Policy and Guiding Principles.

Whatever results the voting may have tomorrow, I hope it would benefit poverty-stricken Juan dela Cruz and the next generation of my beloved Philippines.


5 na mga thought (isipan) sa “Gloria killed it, PNoy resuscitates RHBill?!… (my stand on the issue)”

  1. Tama, para sa kabutihan nang bawat mamamayan ang R.H.Bill, Bakit kailangan hadlangan nang C.B.C.P. ang napakagandang Batas na ito? Kaya pala naging bulag at Bingi ang mga taga C.B.C.P. noong panahon ni G.M.A. kahit napakaraming mga Anomalya nang kanyang administrasyon dahil pinatay ni G.M.A. ang R.H. Bill noon? Bayad Utang pala ginawa nang C.B.C.P. kay G.M.A. ang hindi nila pagpuna at pagsawata nang mga kamalian nang nagdaan administrasyon, Kasama na kaya doon ang S.U.V. na pinamigay na regalo sa mga OBISPO? SAYANG KAYA RIN PALA SILANG SUHULAN, NAKAKAWALANG GANANG MGA TAGA SIMBAHAN… AKO ANG NAHIHIYANG NANG MAKITA KO SILANG NAGSAULI NANG MGA S.U.V. NOON DAHIL DAPAT SANA AY NAGPAKITA SILA NANG MABUTING GAWAIN AT HUWAG YONG HINGI NANG HINGI GAYONG MARAMI NAMAN SILANG PERA, NAGMUKHA TULOY SILANG MUKHANG PERA…NAKAKAAWA NA SILA DAHIL NALANTAD ANG MGA BAHO NILANG TAGA C.B.C.P. AT MARAMI NA ANG NAGALIT TULAD KO DAHIL NINAKAWAN NILA NANG PERA ANG MGA MAHIHIRAP NA MAMAMAYAN DAHIL PARA SANA SA KANILANG PAMPAGAMOT AT PAMBILI NANG GAMOT ANG PERANG PINAMBILI NANG S.U.V. PERO HINDI NILA INALINTANA MASUNOD LAMANG ANG KANILANG KAPRITSO AT KASAKIMAN…


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