Remember the Karma…

In a  suicidal effort to retain his post in the top rank in the local screening of applicants for regular permanent position, I have been told how someone managed to dramatize a certain incident in a ranking procedure and exaggerate personal reactions in order to emphasize how things have become ‘unfair’ for him [and for the rest of the other applicants.]

I know how able this person is because he has already proven himself as a potential asset in the institution where he belongs. Though a bit childish and unable to control his tantrums sometimes, this person showed his dedication and intrinsic motivation to get things done right.

I should understand where his drive has come from. Toughest of trials had surely made him a man of steel, whose tolerance for emotional pain have been boosted to the nth power making him quite insensitive of other’s feelings.

I am not sure either if there is an authenticity to the strength of character he is trying to orchestrate or everything is just a superficial display of defense mechanism…

He wanted to be on top (just like everyone else who undergone the ranking procedures)… This is one thing I am certain of. He desperately wanted to outrank his peers by all means.

It is but just human nature to get jealous and feel threatened. But it is never fair to drag people down in our attempt to reach the top. There is always a square approach to get oneself  to the peak. Remember the karma…


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