It’s just a photaux pas, not a tag bomb!

“One of the funniest / stupidest things you can do on Facebook is start a tagging picture” says this online post.  Tagging someone on a photo in Facebook can be extremely perilous and quite homicidal as well… that’s what I learned today after a close friend sent me an sms seeking for an intelligent explanation why I got him tagged on a photo he was not actually in.

To be honest, I really do not know why the earth I’ve got him tagged on that pic  of seemingly beautiful people. I just thought of him… hit the tag bar (if that is what we call it) and start pressing the first two letters of his name… then it seemed that the autosearch prompted me to press enter. That was it!

Never did I have any intention of embarrassing him as I tagged on the pic.

In one instance, I recall tagging a few cool friends on a pic that was droll and a bit stupid, I got no reaction, especially violent ones! It seemed that they find it funny as well or maybe their just too preoccupied to be reacting.

I never expected how that simple tag has become offensive. I could have received a comment, just below the pic, that says CYT! That was understandable or at least tolerable.

Ever since I joined Facebook, I was cautious of avoiding to drop a tag bomb. That would be the silliest thing I can do in a social media network.  I won’t do that, ever!

Going back to his question, I was so sorry that I got no intelligent answer. Maybe I could just use the “tag” along alibi. But this friend would not appreciate such an excuse. He sees things differently and is always in search of reasonable explanation about almost everything… from paranormal stuff to atheist thoughts, etc.

I almost lost an extremely sensitive yet unique friend because of that tag. Although unsolicited, I had to explain [that’s why I’m blogging now] otherwise I would be misinterpreted.

I just couldn’t imagine how this friend of mine would react if I tag him on any of this tag-your-friend image… I might be blocked on Facebook and/or worse… get ditched off by someone I regard as friend.

PS. I removed the tag. Btw, photaux pas in an online social network means  the commission of a mild offense or faux pas of innocently tagging a friend in a photo, image, or video in a way that they deem undesirable or inappropriate.


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