Eye On: The Philippines

CNN to feature the Philippines on their "Eye On" series.

All eyes will be on the Philippines on CNN!

CNN’s “Eye On” is a series that takes you to different countries around the world, highlighting influence and innovation. The program showcases interesting places and intelligent people who have the potential to change our world.

And now, CNN’s “Eye On” shines the international spotlight on the Philippines this month, with a special week of programming dedicated to the Southeast Asian country.

Join CNN for a unique journey through the Philippines, providing insight into the tropical country’s people, politics, business, and culture.

Live daily reports from April 30 to May 4.

Half hour special airing on May 4 to May 6.





From: BakitWhy.com

BakitWhy.com is an online community and content provider that aims to catalogue and represent the diverse and multi-generational Filipino American lifestyle through online resources and media. A group of community organizers, engineers,  chatterboxes,  artists, dancers, and entrepreneurs.  And most importantly, a uniquely Filipino blog. 


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