The summer sun scorches. The wind that gusts on the rear of the car brings me no relief. The backlog on my table never dwindles. My head begins to explode…

 I know I must be home early to produce a hard copy of the reports I was hurrying to finish before another tasks begin to pile up. I want to remain sane and poised despite all these cramming. After all, had I not procrastinated, I should have been enjoying my limited summer vacation.

 My bowel has been festering me for three days now; making my day’s out-of-town business edgy as I constantly worry about messing up on my pants.  The possible stinks and the sight of swarming flies terrorize me most. I always dreamed of being the center of attention but never as an epicenter of abasement.

 I was meeting a former colleague from whom I shall be securing my payroll slip and it took me more than half-an-hour waiting by myself.  I almost frown yet remained tolerant… Thanks to my cellphone enrolled in my network provider’s unlimited SMS services offer – I was entertained.

 It was a quarter before midday when she and her friend arrived on wheels. I was hoping she would invite me even for an austere lunch at their place but she invited me instead to get a ride towards the waiting shed at the crossing which leads home.

 It was past twelve when I arrived at my second itinerary so I proceeded to a cafeteria first to have a refill. Everyone seems friendly except for a couple of servers who found my pronunciation of a soda brand ridiculous and another one who seemed to have a cold shoulder over my request. [The latter was mute, I found out]. I can’t give them a stern look. I’m too tired and hungry to be dreadful.  

 It was almost one o’ clock but I decided to drop by in an internet café after receiving a text that the staffs are just having their lunch too.  My forty minutes was spent deleting my e-mails and checking the comments on my blogs [but there was none at all].

 It was almost two o’ clock when my business was finally over. After a few minutes of filling up a little information on the 2316 form I tried to rush home.

 Unfortunately a jeepney has just passed by a few minutes after I disembarked from the tricycle. It meant more minutes of delay and a direct contact with the roasting sun. I was glad a cup of halo-halo was enough to cool me down.

 Indeed sometimes, my life’s journey offers unwanted diversions. Some of these were inevitable.  Others are needless detours. My choice to get through, to have my hasty U-turn or even to take the most unexpected alternative route depends on how I assess and cope with the situation.

 Not all that I want and expect to transpire occurs perfectly just as I wished them to be. Surprises – and trivial whatnots no matter how unpleasant they become are ingredients to a meaningful and happy living, I believe.

 When things went wrong, I should be forbearing.  When someone did me wrong, I must be forgiving… just as I should forgive myself for the flaws I made against others and into myself… After all, life is about enjoying every moment that unfold no matter how bleak they may seem.  

 (Preblogged for www.crossroads.i.ph  on April 13, 2009; 20:13; Published online at http://www.crossroads.i.ph on April 15, 2009)

Note: Crossroads shuts down on May 21, 2012. See this post for details.


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