The end of the Crossroads

The end of the Crossroads
"Atoms do not just make up the universe...
Crossroads do, too!"

With Living and Loving  as its first entry published on October 19, 2008 at, my Crossroads blog will now be finally off as shuts down its blogging services on May 21, 2012.

Before finally deciding to blog here in WordPress on January 2009, the Crossroads has nestled eleven (11) posts [mostly self-help and motivational articles I found very interesting from online sources], including an anthology of inspiring sms sent in by my friends [Now the Inbox arranged on June 06, 2010 here in The Chronicles…]

Precursors to Chronicles of the Unsaid are Crossroads and Sleeptalking (a Friendster’s blog, now completely shut down), which were all helpful in my blogging stint. Thanks to these free blogging services, I was able to find refreshing outlets for my tantrums.

Kailanman ay hindi ipinamana ang daigdig sa atin ng ating mga ninuno...
Ito'y hiram natin sa mga susunod na salin-lahi!

Another important blog powered by blogging services that I will be missing is the Huling Bantay ( With a total of 26, 693 web visitors as of this posting time, the site which features environmental advocacy posts such as info on global warming published in Filipino and updates on Earth Hour have proved to be very beneficial to student researchers, receiving an overwhelming comments.


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