Anecdotes of the Unwell…

March 23 –
While having a rehearsal of the graduating students’ commencement song, one of my kids commented how odd my facial gestures were. I remember her saying I “looked like Janelle (Manahan)” after the terrible incident that almost kill her. She emphasized that my left eye shuts more than the usual as it opened late compared to its right tandem after a quick blink. I didnt notice something unusual.

March 24 –
I spent my Saturday in school, preparing the layout of our graduation program. I was thankful that I was spared from encoding all the text entries because Mam Cho, the fourth year adviser, has made sure that every data was already available except for the students pics. I had to bear extra patience and time in cropping, editing, and layouting the materials only to find out that four graduating students failed to be present during the pictorials. Good thing my previous layouting experience of our school paper has helped me to be more acquianted with the desktop publishing software. But still, I had to postpone the layouting and left the island just before dusk.

March 25 –
Though I get help from Miss Julie in accomplishing school forms, especially Form 18-A, I still had to rush on my other docs, i.e. students’ report cards and permanent records. I was able to finish inking numbers and observations in the morning before I proceeded to the recollection of the graduating students in college.

My turn was in the afternoon. There was no multimedia projector so I had to rely on making me more animated lest the auditorium would be filled with half-dead audience and a useless speaker..

In some part of the talk, I noticed something strange in me. It was difficult to pronounce some words. I felt that a portion in my left face has just been injected with a small dose of pain killer. There was a bit feeling of numbness.

In the evening, I observed further that there was an inconvenience as I ate. Water cannot be fully sustained in my mouth as I drank. Some tend to spill out. There was something wrong with me, I had to accept it.

March 26 –
My co-teachers also noticed the twitching of my left facial muscle as I talked. Speaking (even softly) required more effort so I can be understood. Nevertheless, my Monday ended just right. The ladies (Mam Riza and Mam Julie) and I decided to stay in school overnight. Mam Riza had to rehearse the kids of their black theatre for the Seniors’ Night while Miss Julie and I took advantage of the time to continue some paper (and computer) works and double check entries in our forms.

March 27 –
Numbness in my facial muscle intensified… There was also a slight pain on my nape. They (my co-teachers) suspected I was high-blood so they insisted that I should have my bp checked. With Miss Julie, I decided to have my bp checked at the barangay health center a few hunded meters away from school. 127/70 was the device’ reading. I don’t know if I was high-blood or what but one thing was certain. I was not feeling well. I remember the medical aide giving me meds to control my bp. It just made me felt sleepy but I was confident that I’ll be okay. Miss Julie gave me a cup of hot water with crushed garlic as first-aid remedy. Thanks God, i love garlics. I dont know if it really helped but I was not still feeling okay.

March 28
While I was about to attend the wedding of our nephew, I noticed that there was numbness on my left arm and leg. It seemed that I put on a very thick sock.
My heart was also beating faster than the usual. I worried much that I rushed myself to the hospital.
My bp was 130/80. The physician gave no medical hypothesis nor explanation of what was going on with me. I was just advised to regularly check my bp and take a tablet of aspirin within seven days.
I spent the rest of the afternoon resting. But, I never slept. I was afraid, I wouldn’t have the chance to wake up anymore. Then, like when I was a little kid, I had to oblige mother never to leave me. I was really anxious of anything that might happen.
In the evening, I began applying warm compress on my face to ease the numbness I was feeling. Talking was already an inconvenience for me.

March 29 –
It was our school’s 11th Graduation Rites. I cannot miss the event so I had to be present. My bp was okay. I wasnt feeling dizzy nor too sleepy anymore. But talking remained an obvious problem. Twitching became more apparent. But, it didn’t stop me from talking and fooling around. Though cautious not to be stressed a lot, I had to enjoy with what was going on…

The days that followed made me realize how I was becoming unhealthy. I easily got tired and had to be aware of my diet and activities.

It wasn’t easy to be unwell. But I knew I had to be fine…


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