The Festival of Talents


In the Kingdom of Tralala, King Shinghay decided to hold a grand event for his people where they can showcase the best of what they have and what they can be.

And so everyone was excited to take part except for some, like Argos who complained a lot of the king’s real motive… Anastacia who only help facilitate the festival because she was obliged and had no choice… and Princess Danyar who is her father’s ultimate critique.

The peasants enjoyed the festival for it was a day of jovial rest. The knights and lords competed and had a fair game.  Nobody is afraid to lose the game. Neither anyone cares much if he/she wins.

A day of fun, it was. The fire-eaters and the jogglers amaze the large crowd as the jesters caused them to boisterously laugh ceaselessly.

The poets adorned the lovely day with an array of euphoric verses while some fair ladies dance with their tambourines, accented with yellow ribbons and little flowers freshly plucked .

“How I wish to be in the Kingdom of Tralala”, said Princess Churvaline who was a guest in the event while Lord Pamin, an heir to the Raketines, commented, “there should be a degree of difficulty to what the folks on the flying trapeze are doing… nevertheless, I enjoy the show.”

The festival started well and it ended just perfectly as King Shinghay wanted it to be. Then, with a bright spirit he addresses the crowd, “The festival of talent has ended, tomorrow is another day!”

– fin –


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