Look at Him Straight in the Eye…


Someone has just made an insulting remark at you. What should you do? Insult him in return? No. Do this: First, look the person in the eyes. Say nothing. Just pause. That pause will upset him: he doesn’t know what is coming. Then smile. This upsets him even more. The pause and the smile are your weapons of choice.

Now say something like this very calmly,  “Would you mind repeating what you just said? I want to make sure  I heard it correctly.”

Nine times out of ten this treatment will cause  him to withdraw the insult in shame. Or he will flustered and say, “Oh  skip it, I guess I was a bit hasty.” Often he will apologize. Only very rarely will he repeat what he had said.

No matter what he does, you are in a strong position. You have overcome the insulter without uttering a harsh word. You have out him on the defensive. Now you are strong… and he is weak.

Note: This is a repost from the Gem of Thoughts. Since it’s Friday, and entries for my FridayPost  are meant to inspire you my dear reader, I decided to post this one. TC!


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