Prayer for friends


Before having a wonderful sleep last night, I had the chance of listening over MOR 93.9  songs that have been part of my college years. One particular song that help me reminisce happy thoughts of my very good friends Richel, Ronnie, Riza, Mona and Donna is One Friend.

There is poignancy  whenever I think of these great friends. We have had such wonderful memories and foolishness together back in college and it’s been eight years that we haven’t personally seen each other. (Thanks to Facebook and sms, we stay connected.)

One special thing about us, I recall, is that we pray for each other… and on very touching ocassions, we pray together.

This special post is for them and for the wonderful people who have shared me their friendship.

“Dearest Father up above, this prayer is for all the friends I love, some are near, some are far. But Lord no matter where they are, watch and keep them safe through each day and night. I pray that you bless them most abundantly for they are very special to me. Amen.”

Thanks to my friend Macel for forwarding me as sms the short prayer above.


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