The trial of the decade ends?!

What is known as the ‘trial of the decade’ has finally come into conclusion with the promulgation of the Supreme Court’s decision today, December 14, 2010. But has it really satiated our call for justice, especially for the victims of the gruesome Vizconde massacre?

For the appellants [Hubert Webb and a few others] this is indeed justice!  After fifteen years of being incarcerated, their prayers were positively answered. At last, they’ve managed to prove that they are innocent of the crimes hurled against them. [I would like to be happy for them, but I can’t…]

Of course, I feel sorry for the families of the accused. It takes them a lot of faith and hope to be forbearing all through these years. And if indeed the SC squarely decided according to the real merit of the case [and ventured not to act half-blindfolded], then it is apparent that the appellants are also victims here!

In my personal thought as an ordinary Filipino citizen who is bothered by what transpired on the case, the alleged culprit’s acquittal emphasizes three main important points:

1.  The Philippine government is squandering significant amount of money for NBI. For God’s sake! Why are we wasting a portion of our national budget for an entity which is poorly working!? Where is the sense of ‘intelligence’ among the NBI agents who worked on this case?

a.       Their slip-ups had caused irreparable damage on the lives of these ‘innocent’ men!

b.      The NBI did not actually find a gold mine in Jessica Alfaro’s statements! The SC, in a statement, puts it this way:

“There is another thing about a lying witness: her story lacks sense or suffers from inherent inconsistencies.  An understanding of the nature of things and the common behavior of people will help expose a lie.  And it has an abundant presence in this case.”

c.       The NBI gave Mr. Vizconde and millions of concerned Filipino false hopes! If Webb et al aren’t are found not guilty by the SC, then the real culprits are on the loose! Has it not become real obvious that the NBI fail to conduct the most comprehensive scrutiny on this extrasensitive case?

2.  The State’s incapacity to safeguard substantial evidences (i.e. the semen specimen found on Carmela Visconde’s cadaver) presented before the courts weakened the merits of the case in favor of the prosecutors/complainants. Whether the loss is intentionally orchestrated or a result of some bureaucratic negligence, I believe somebody has to be charged accountable for this.

3.  The Regional Trial Court of Parañaque City, Branch 274, presided over by Judge Amelita G. Tolentino had made a very terrible mistake in convicting the accused!  [OR IT IS BETTER TO SAY, THAT EXTRINSIC PRESSURES FAILED TO INFLUENCE HER VERDICT.]

Finally, I have these questions [and answers] in my mind:

1.      What if the accused were not prominent personalities? Could the final end of the case leads to acquittal?

[No, the accused will surely enjoy the life reclusion perpetua has best to offer! They would not even bother more to file an appeal before the Court of Appeals and the Supreme Court because they simply do not have the resources and the advantage of a media mileage…]

2.      Can the victims and Mr. Lauro Vizconde [in his remaining years] still be served with justice?

[No, not in Mr. Vizconde’s earthly life! My heart goes out for him! He has suffered a lot. The hunt for truth is another painstaking burden for him to emotionally endure. His spirit will surely dare him never ever to give up but his physical state won’t allow him anymore. Another fifteen years is too much to endure. Note: The last line is a mere prognostication!]

3.      Who really killed the Vizcondes?

[I didn’t! I was just in grade one with my favorite teacher, Mrs. Jestre that time!]




2 na mga thought (isipan) sa “The trial of the decade ends?!”

  1. Our hearts cried with Mang Lauro we are not related with him but we are so much affected like most of the pinoys.It is unbearable to see him grief in the TV.
    In this case it was rooted and demonstrated in many circumstances na parating sablay ang NBI with ALFREDO LIM in NBI that time I am not surprise about the result now.
    For Mang Lauro keep believing in the love of GOd and faith in your prayers, we might not know that your prayers has been answered in the way that seemed unaceptable but rest assured that God has a purpose of it, and He never leaves you nor forsakes in your moments of grief


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