One.. two… TREE… goodbye!

It happened one Thursday afternoon when I was about to meet my Araling Panlipunan I class. Two of my freshmen students were complaining about the Narra tree my former advisory class planted two years ago. The narra tree (Frailene, [my former student] have nurtured) seemed to have been intentionally slashed by a very uncaring hand [or hands]. I got irked.
I was interested to know the culprit for disciplinary action through the guidance counselor but I was more interested to find remedy on how the poor trunk can still manage to survive.

The poor plant meets its sudden fate. (Mobile phone photo)

As feared and expected, the young plant wilted.

After a week, one Monday morning, when I was excited to meet my Chemistry class, one of my students informed me about another green-casualty. This time, the narra tree next to the wilted one has been cut off. It was the narra tree painstakingly planted and nurtured by Julie Ann, one of my students last SY 2008-2009.

The second narra tree.had been terribly ill-treated.

Whether there is one culprit for these young narra trees or there is a posse of tree killers on the loose inside the campus, I am alarmed.
Trees of different variety are found in our campus. Bagras, mahogany, minonga, gemelina, and other fruit bearing trees like mango, kamagong, kamatsili, sampalok thrive around the school grounds. They could be the next victim. Hopefully not!


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