New post for My Inbox [October]

These wonderful people have made my inbox this October packed with lovely quotes***!

Maysie, Tita Jonalyn, Mam Elinor, Mace, Mam Daisy, Mam Badette, Mam Gina, Sheena, Alena


“God has given us two gifts… One is choice another is chance. ‘Choice’  is to select the good one and ‘Chance’ is to have the best one…”

Alena [October 17, 2010;  7:09am]


“The happiest people don’t have the everything they want. They make the most out of what they already have. Misery starts when a person looks at the 10% missing and overlooks the 90% blessings. We all have our own share of blessings. Some get them easy. Some wait for a long time. What important is, it comes at a time when we need it most. God knows best and He will give the best in His own time.”

Mam Daisy [October 15, 2010; 6:07am]

“A bunch of idiots say that happiness is a choice…

But it’s actually not… Coz we all want to be happy but sometimes the situations won’t allow us to be.”

Sheena [October 11, 2010; 8:27am]


“God knows our prayers even when we cannot find words to say them. For God knows our hearts better than we do…”

??? [October 6, 2010; 4:40am]

“Hardships are one way of proving one’s strength so if your problem is extra big, be extra flattered because that’s how much the Lord believe s in you.”

Mam Badette [October 06, 2010; 4:40am]


“Life is never easy, so whatever comes to destroy you, be firm and be the bravest you can be; cry, feel upset but never lose hope… Pray… Never give up…”

Melody [October 12, 2010; 8:42 am]

“Life is like catching ball at the court.

Sometimes, you drop it, overthrowned and swayed your arms from it, but, you’ll be more lost if you hold it freely.

Lourdes [October 5, 2010; 11;29pm]


“Better not to mind the things that depresses you, cause it only makes you weak inside and out… There are a lot of things you can give your time into. Don’t get stuck with the things that ruin your day. Smile and be happy! Life is to short to be wasted on crap.”

Mam Gina [October 14,  2010; 9:09pm]

“One form of loving is when you just want the best for that person whether it includes you or not.”

Mam Badette [October 6, 2010; 5:59am]

“If  all sciences in the world could explain everything then…

Why Physics  cannot explain why we fall in love without being affected by gravity?

Why Logic cannot help us to think right when we are in love?

Why Chemistry cannot give us the chemical elements of love?

And why anatomy and physiology cannot locate the scars of a broken heart.”

Mace [October 3, 2010; 10:23pm]


“God knows our prayers even when we cannot find words to say them. For God knows our hears better than we do…”

Mam Elinor [October 16, 2010; 9:46am]


“The life of a teacher is a life of duty, not adventure; sacrifice, not choice; service, not profit… That’s why we call our job “the service”.

Tita Jonalyn [October 5, 2010; 6:54am]

“Every teacher is like a star in a vast blackness. Some may outshine others but like stars they may just be in a distance but doesn’t mean they don’t shine at all.
Maysie [October 5, 2010; 5:42am]

“A good teacher is like a candle. It consumes itself to light the way for others.”

Maysie [October 5, 2010; 9:45am]


“Wonder why God did not give us the gift to read the minds of other people? So we could give the chance to trust… and the privileged to be trusted…”

[October 11, 2010; 9:40pm]


Unfortunately I accidentally deleted sms in my inbox so I failed to transcribe all the entries for this month.


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