I recently stumbled on an blog entry about  my given name.

Here is the excerpt of the blogpost:

Alfred is impeccably English – Old English, in fact, from the elements aelf – elf – and raed – counsel.  We’re not quite sure what to make of that meaning.

Back in the 800s, Alfred the Great ruled Wessex.  He was quite the popular monarch, so his name endured longer than many native grown English monikers.

While Alfred faded from use, he never disappeared entirely.  In the early 1800s, a pair of parents with aristocratic roots – and perhaps a poetic streak – chose the name for their son.  Alfred Lord Tennyson was a successful writer from his days at Cambridge, and would pen some of the most memorable works in the English language, including “The Charge of the Light Brigade.”

By the late 1800s, it was among the most popular names given to boys born in the US.  Alfred remained a Top 50 pick through 1932, and Top 100 through 1951.  Given his frequency of use, we find plenty of notable bearers of the name:

  • The legendary filmmaker Alfred Hitchcock;
  • Alfred Pennypacker, fictional butler to Bruce Wayne – aka Batman;
  • Mathematician and philosopher Alfred North Whitehead;
  • Publisher Alfred A. Knopf;
  • Swedish inventor-turned-philanthropist Alfred Nobel.

We could go on.  And on.  Beyond the talented and capable Alfreds, we also think of Mad magazine’s jug-eared Alfred E. Neuman.  Interestingly, the name and face evolved separately in pop culture from so many sources it’s difficult to pin down the origins of either.  But it does take some of the shine off this one.

While Alfred might feel like a bit much for a small child, we can’t help love his nicknames: the quirky Alf (yes, he’d share it with a furry television alien), the charming Freddie, the easy-going Al.

And then there’s Alfie.  The original big screen adaptation of Bill Naughton’s play was a smash 1966 hit starring Michael Caine.  Jude Law played Alfie in the remake in 2004 – it didn’t fare nearly as well.  In all three versions, Alfie is a dashing man about town, a loveable but irresponsible cad.  While he’s too shallow a figure to inspire a child’s name, there’s a boyish charm to the nickname Alfie that we love.  And it’s worth noting that in all three versions, there’s hope for Alfie at story’s end.

As of 2007, he ranked a mere #742, so Alfred may be headed for obscurity, charming nicknames or not.  But we think it’s the kind of choice that feels outlandish today, but might feel perfectly reasonable in another few years.  Should Alfred be a family name, we can’t think of any reason why you shouldn’t use it right now.

Below are also some features I found on Facebook’s application about  my birthmonth:

My Birth Month is August.

Very ambitious. Brave and daring attitude. Devoted lover. Sensitive nature. You get jealous easily. You also get angry very easily. You are proud of your achievements. Attention seeker. Very generous. Easy going. Strong character. Born to be successful. Observant. Creative bent of mind. Caring and loving. Faithful friend.

My Birth Number – 8

The Achiever

The number eight is associated with success and wealth. You are goal oriented and strive to go ahead in life. You prefer to be your own boss and do not like working under others. You follow your own judgement and rules. You want to be recognized because of your success and prosperity. You are most likely to succeed in business.


August 23 to September 23

Symbol – The Virgin

Element – Earth

Planet – Mercury

Love Life:

You are a nice kisser, a super sexy person and like to dominate your relationship.

More Compatible with – Pisces, Taurus, Capricorn

Less Compatible with – Aries, Libra, Aquarius

Qualities Of Virgo

Analytical, Modest, Responsible, Hardworking, Sensitive, Smart, Meticulous, Magnetic, Punctual, Disciplined, Organized, Indefatigable, Perfectionist & Humane.

Lucky Color – Blue or White

Lucky Stone – Sapphire

Lucky Day – Wednesday

Lucky Number – Five

Lucky Metal – Platinum


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