Four Ps to Ditch your Fair–Weather Friends

Four Ps to Ditch your Fair–Weather Friends

Courtesy: Flicker

Let’s face it. Not everyone is a friend! This statement surely violates Christian norms but let’s be realistic. Not all has the bearing of a good friend, more specifically and ideally, an authentic friend.

While it is true that real friends aren’t part of the endangered species yet, we should realize by not sounding scornful that sorting friends is a big deal. Ditching the unreal (people) is therefore, a must!

On a very personal note, I pause to ponder on the cliché, I quote, “Prosperity makes Friends; adversity tries them.”

I have a lot of friends and I enjoy being with them. We have our own share of differences yet we have one thing in common – we love our friendship.

Circles of friends, I have plenty. Some are very casual, plain acquaintances as we always call them. Many are nice ones.

Good and better friends, they are more than a handful, and I always appreciate them and the joy they always bring me. Close and intimate friends – there are only a few of them! They are true friends and are very hard to find. Truly, rare as they are, finding them is a gold mine. No more argument on this.

But what about those who shammed an image of a friend just for egocentric intentions? Those who are only around during your ups? Or those who manifest their presence only to demand a favor? We all loathe this kind of people! Bloodsucker!

So how then do we test our ‘friends’? How do we bring out the ‘best’ and ‘worst’ in them? And finally how do we get rid of them just in case they failed us?

Hmm, I have four Ps for you:

1. PUT your friends to the test. It’s either you play the sucker or you’re on the provocative side, designing a plot that will unsheathe your friends real characteristics. Add some drama in your day-to-day relationship or your casual togetherness. Be a creative (but never be an offensive) leg-puller!

2. PLAY the spy – Be devious in your affairs. But be cautious not to cause too much trouble. Your role here is to uncover who’s being true or not among your friends. You are not supposed to intentionally inflict grudges in them for in the end you’ll end up the rogue. Just play it safe.

3. PITCH INTO their ploys – in case that their plots are way too obvious, be straightforward to overturn their backbiting. The more they know that you are not an easy victim the lesser they become aggressive in leeching up on you.

4. PUT UP your scarecrows. Chase your opportunistic friends away by setting up a character that is frightening yet not very dangerous. In one of the sms I received, it says – “Never design your character like that of a garden where anyone can walk into”. Instead create an aura of suspense where their deceiving friendship should come to wane.

Life is but short. Friends and friendship do add colors to our lives. So why bask on people who aren’t even real to you?

Treasure real friends and be thankful for them. They are our earthly angels. They deserve our unconditional love and respect. They are indeed great blessings!

Then, DITCH those fair-weather friends. Spare them in your friends’ list before it’s too late!


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