PGT: Showcase of Filipinos’ artistic versatility

My personal favorite among the Pilipinas  Got Talent finalists is Maria Jeline Olive. I voted for her via sms for two main reasons: she is an Uragon, a true blooded Bicolana and she plays violin.

I always admire how my fellow Bicolanos etch their names in the stardom.

I love the sound of violin and how the fiddlers tickle the string. Violinists do look sophisticated especially when they are on orchestra. [I wish I could have quality time with my Papay (grandfather) so he could coach me playing the stuff.]

Anyway, here are some video clips about the PGT finalists. Like millions of Filipinos around the globe, I am so proud of them. They showcase the best of Filipino talents and artistry.

Note: I am posting the vid clips according to my preferences as to who should grab the title as first-ever ultimate winner in the talent search. I love all of their performances on Saturday, June 12, 2010.
1. Jeline
– her talent is world-class! She plays 12 musical instruments (huh!). I agree with Ms. Kris Aquino that it took a lot of patience for a kid like her to master playing different kinds of musical instruments. Thanks to her very supportive parents.
2. Jovit –
his singing is sensational. For his young age, he has a very powerful voice. I love his humility, too.
3. Markki –
he’s a singing heartthrob, a talented hottie. I look forward to seeing him performing a ASAP XV.
4. Keith Clark –
as Ms. Ai-ai, one of the judges says it, his ‘performance is electrifying.’ He’s one hot guitarist. He sings well, too.
5. Baguio Metamorphosis –
– a mix of cultural and modern display of gracefulness and synchronicity makes this extraordinary dancing group a crowd stunner.
6. Ingrid Payaket –
She’s a proud Igorot and I love how she presents herself. Her singing is soulful.
7. Velasco Brothers –
this dancing bros glued my attention to the idiot box. They awe me a lot. Their choreography and dance style are just too admirably flawless.
8. Luntayao Family –
I am amazed by this family. Their blending is lovely to my ears. And who could overlook Charl’s, (the youngest among the group) powerful voice as he does his cool gesture.
9. Alakim –
I love magic tricks and am always amazed by magicians. It’s amazing to know that there are word-class Filipino magicians like him. He definitely mesmerize Araneta with his act on Saturday.
10. Ruther –
a ventriloquist with an amazing sense of humor. He’s talent is indeed exceptional. I admire his talent especially when he used it to entertain typhoon victims (accd to him).
11. Ezra Band –
Although I don’t have a strong liking towards bands, Ezra band interests me because of Norr the physically impaired piano virtuoso and Kaye whose appears very mysterious to me. Kaye performs enchantingly.
12. Sherwin –

Another soulful singer. He’s sings from the heart. Personally, I don’t find his voice so unique. He sounds like Mr. Gary Valenciano.

Good luck to these world-class Filipino talents.

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